Yannis Karalis was born in Greece in 1988 and he currently lives in London. He is a Street/Documentary Photographer passionate about urban life and people in action. He has background in Graphic Design and he develops his own travel projects worldwide. For him, photography represents freedom and happiness; a way to live in his world and make connection with others. He aims to bring meaning to the world, for example, insight into daily life or a human story. He believes the adventure of travel is not just about going abroad but seeing your own local environment in new ways, with the traveller’s eye. He has tried all kinds of photography but he has found a real passion for Street/Documentary Photography. A small camera in his bag is enough to create a story wherever he is, anytime of the day.



Travel Projects

I undertake a number of travel projects each year and document the places, experiences and people through photos, videos and a travel blog. My passion is capturing our beautiful world through photography, to tell stories of the lives of the people I meet, and to share some extraordinary locations.


I take commissions, especially for the tourist and hospitality industry. My aim is to use the highest standards of photography, creativity and vision. Commissions could include images for websites or publicity materials, advertising or your unique location. High quality photography will help you stand out from the crowd.

Most recent commissions:


photos & filming for

Steve Radcliffe



photos for Skyros Holidays (www.skyros.com)


My travel projects culminate in exhibitions and photographic books. My most resent exhibitions were “The beauty of Skyros” which took place at a center near the locations where the photographs were taken, and “Thailand off track”.


My courses help you to develop your composition and design for better digital photography. You do not have to understand all the technical jargon, although I will help those who want to understand their camera’s better and work with manual settings. Courses can be for individuals or small groups and take place in interesting or beautiful locations.


Absolutely beautiful, you have captured everything I love about this place.
Clarie Manifold, London
An incredible talent on display… magical moments  
Michael Gagahan, watercolour artist, Glasgow
So simple yet truly evocative, how many times have these scenes being photographed I wonder, your images really captured me.  
Philip Davies, London
What an eye for capturing a story and the drama of the country sky and sea… Love the words/quotes chosen to partner the picture, what a terrific exhibition.  
Katherine Bollon, London
Very beautiful and atmospheric photos with a sense of mystery and echoes of another mythical time.  
Colm, Dublin