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Augn We work at the same company, he is a photographer an artist. He has an interesting story, leaving from his mother country Mandalay (Myanmar) to chase his dreams. It’s been slow and it has had its ups and downs but he is still chasing his dream he said. He will not give up though! That’s the attitude we need too. We try, we might fail but it doesn’t matter cus that makes up stronger and we will try again till we achieve our goals.

•Many thx to: Augn for letting me take a portrait of him at that early morning before we started working and of course for letting me write a few words about him.



Film, photo II. it’s been a long time since I used film. I’m in love with it again and I’m going to upload more pics 🙂 I love the colours you get from the film and that particular style of matte printing. What do you think?



We have three different worlds in this picture… the reality, the angel and the digital era.



The prince of peace. Believe what you want to believe in and what makes you feel good. Follow your heart and what makes you happy. Don’t listen what others want you to believe in, life is yours.



He is staring at you cus you are staring at the yellow umbrella.



The shadows.



Life in the shadows. Shadows sometimes have a life of their own. Do they have their own reality? Dark creatures seen from the corner of your eye.



-Two sides-


Untitled-2 copy

It’s still snowing in London, I’ve taken a good amount of film pics the last three days and still waiting for the results. I love the fact that with film the results are unpredictable and that’s the challenge for me. You can’t just waste your clicks just like that you need to think before you take a picture. As I said at least for me it’s a nice challenge and I hope you like those two shots I uploaded today. Zoom out/zoom in.



The lights create the scenery.


CNV00009 2

Soho society.


CNV00010 2

            It’s not only a private dance for a few people but also a home.



Still another era.


CNV00023 2

Caution Trip Hazards.


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