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29/10/16 – Connecting to the world

Travelling in the UK, not on vacation but preparing for other projects. The UK is thinking about who it is in the world. Here in Trafalgar Square a homeless man is making his own connections to the wider world, drawing flags with chalk from memory, and passers by put coins on their flag. As he quietly works he gets lots of positive comments and in his way finds a purpose, it is a sort of meditation. Everybody is smiling without thinking about political conflicts and differences whether these are called money, colour, or religion. The kids at the corner are just enjoying the beautiful colours of the flags and the man’s creativity.This is London, a multicultural melting pot of creativity which I hope will not change. Flags seen in this context are individual pieces of art, combining here into a new piece of art; colours and shapes repeat and create a balance. Nobody walks on this carpet and probably will not until it is washed away by rain, which is not far away.

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