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Photographer – Yannis Karalis

I am looking forward to collaborating with these guys on our Off Track trip. It is exciting for me to be involved with something beyond travel photography – where the focus is on the experience, and sharing that in a variety of ways, including writing. I like to travel to new places and stretch the way I work.

Writer – Michael Eales

Michael is a psychologist and writer. He has accompanied groups to Thailand and Cambodia for the last 16 years and has a deep love for both countries. He is a published poet, translator and author of books on self-help. He has co-written and produced short films with Anna Campion which were shorlisted for awards at the London Raindance and Edinburgh film festivals.

Travel manager – Ed (Nucha Ngamson)

Ed (Nucha Ngamsom) has worked for 12 years as a travel organiser for a UK holiday company in Thailand and Cambodia. He has driven the length and breadth of Thailand and has a passion for travel.
He runs his own prawn and fish farm in Rayong Province. He is currently developing a home stay on the farm.
If you are organising an independent trip in Thailand Ed is just the man you need.

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